Sunday, March 20, 2016

Visit from the Easter Bunny

     The Easter Bunny brought some things for studio parents and students.  Students may choose one thing from the table in the studio.  Parents, please come in and choose one item from the tables in the foyer.  All are made of cotton and meant to be used ( dishcloth, hot pad, trivet, washcloth, decoration, bookmark, etc. depending upon the size).  Also, the Easter Bunny wanted to tell you that Miss Phyllis loves you very much.  Happy Easter!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Easter 2016

     Since Easter is in March this year, Fifi played house and dressed the table and buffet in the dining room and kitchen.  An assortment of bunnies is on the kitchen table and the buffet has mostly depression glass in pink and green in addition to two pieces of green Bordallo Pinheiro.
     For the dining room, I chose pink and green.  The chocolate set and pink goblets belonged to David's mother.  Two of the floral salad plates were also hers.
     Much of the fun is in using what is here and putting it together.  My playing house evolves and does not always happen in an instant.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Simple Kitchen Tablescape

     It was our pleasure to share a meal and fellowship with lifelong friends.  We made home folks out of them and ate in the kitchen.  Don't tell, but we served our plates from the stove......shh!!!!!!!!   Very informal!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Friend in the Kitchen

     No surprise, but today was Sah-dy rambling day.  After searching for treasures in several places, I resigned myself to come home empty handed.  This happens many times, but the thrill of the hunt is still so much fun.
     On our last stop, David said he had found an item that would go with something we already had.  Many times when he tells me he has found something, it is outlandish and nothing we would have.....just him being funny.  This time, he was not teasing. 
      As I followed him through the store, my eyes were looking everywhere to find what he was talking about.   Finally, I spotted it.   After an inspection, I picked it up so no one else could.  As I was carrying it through the store, a clerk offered to take it to the checkout desk for me.  I proceeded to tell her about David finding it for me.  She suggested that I keep him.  I told her he had been mine for 20 years and I did plan on keeping him!  He is a blessing in many ways!
     Below is a picture of the treasure of the day in addition to other kitchen friends.  This came from Southern Housepitality in Greenville as well as the similar one.  Here's hoping the friends don't make too much noise in the kitchen tonight.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Fri-dy Treasures

     After rambling in several treasure shops, I came upon another Boopie glass like ones already collected.  Even though not certain it was the same size, 50 cents is not much of a gamble.  I lucked out and it is a match!
     Then, on a second look in the dish shelves, my eyes spotted a box with some cream dishes.  Low and behold, they were Wedgwood!  Several years ago, I had purchased five cups/saucers in this same pattern at another shop.  Right before me, there were five more!  There were also a few other pieces in this pattern and some in another one.  The box price was so reasonable, that I was willing to buy all to get the cups/saucers.  Well, lucky for me, the clerk let me buy only the cups/saucers for $1.25 each set.  Uh huh........$1.25 for a mint Wedgwood cup/saucer.
      Another neat thing about this pattern, it is kin to the Wedgwood Potpourri that we have.  The only difference is that Potpourri has a colored pattern on it.
     Now, for the funny part of the story.  Take a look at the bag she packed my treasures in!  Only if you know me well, will you know why it is funny.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Thoughtful Brother

     My brother is a very thoughtful person, especially when it comes to gift giving.  He has collected historical bottle figurines and German steins.  Due to downsizing, it was time to get rid of some of these. 
      Each male in the family received a stein and he coordinated the scene on the stein to the person.  David's is supposedly him watching Fifi with her handwork.
     Knowing that David is a Civil War buff, he gave him the bottles related to the Civil War.  They are beautiful and displayed in our den.  We had hoped to add them to the shelves already housing Civil War plates and tankards, but they were too tall.
     To us, as well as many others, the confederate flag is a symbol of history and not hatred.