Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Friend in the Kitchen

     No surprise, but today was Sah-dy rambling day.  After searching for treasures in several places, I resigned myself to come home empty handed.  This happens many times, but the thrill of the hunt is still so much fun.
     On our last stop, David said he had found an item that would go with something we already had.  Many times when he tells me he has found something, it is outlandish and nothing we would have.....just him being funny.  This time, he was not teasing. 
      As I followed him through the store, my eyes were looking everywhere to find what he was talking about.   Finally, I spotted it.   After an inspection, I picked it up so no one else could.  As I was carrying it through the store, a clerk offered to take it to the checkout desk for me.  I proceeded to tell her about David finding it for me.  She suggested that I keep him.  I told her he had been mine for 20 years and I did plan on keeping him!  He is a blessing in many ways!
     Below is a picture of the treasure of the day in addition to other kitchen friends.  This came from Southern Housepitality in Greenville as well as the similar one.  Here's hoping the friends don't make too much noise in the kitchen tonight.

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