Friday, January 8, 2016

Fri-dy Treasures

     After rambling in several treasure shops, I came upon another Boopie glass like ones already collected.  Even though not certain it was the same size, 50 cents is not much of a gamble.  I lucked out and it is a match!
     Then, on a second look in the dish shelves, my eyes spotted a box with some cream dishes.  Low and behold, they were Wedgwood!  Several years ago, I had purchased five cups/saucers in this same pattern at another shop.  Right before me, there were five more!  There were also a few other pieces in this pattern and some in another one.  The box price was so reasonable, that I was willing to buy all to get the cups/saucers.  Well, lucky for me, the clerk let me buy only the cups/saucers for $1.25 each set.  Uh huh........$1.25 for a mint Wedgwood cup/saucer.
      Another neat thing about this pattern, it is kin to the Wedgwood Potpourri that we have.  The only difference is that Potpourri has a colored pattern on it.
     Now, for the funny part of the story.  Take a look at the bag she packed my treasures in!  Only if you know me well, will you know why it is funny.

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