Friday, December 27, 2013

Treasures of the Day

The first find today was a set of eight salad or dessert plates. They are The Topiary Collection of Andrea by Sadek. There are four different designs and I liked the colors as well as the topiary theme. A local thrift store had these.
Wedgwood bone china was the second find of the day and it spoke to me in a consignment shop. The pattern name is Kutani Crane and there were eight dinner plates, six salad plates, and three cups and saucers. It had just come in and did not have tags yet. The owner saw me eyeing it and quoted me the price per piece. It was such a deal and hard to believe. (Upon checking Replacements prices, I see that it is a better deal than I realized! ) After examining each piece, I told her we would think about it. My idea was to walk down the sidewalk to another shop while thinking. The only problem was that I could not walk away from the table. So, after asking hubby if he liked the pattern, we carried them to the checkout to purchase. The wheels in my head are already working on a tablescape to use it.

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