Friday, September 20, 2013

Supper Eight

Our church has Supper Eight groups. One group met at our home for the first gathering. The centerpiece is a collection of things related to those around the table: books for readers, a Hummel figurine for those who teach children, a Pendleton trivet because our church is in Pendleton, a music bell for the musicians, an antique wooden box for former antique shop owners, and a pocket watch for those who must keep up with time in their classrooms. On top there is a cross bookmark representing the tie that binds us all because we are brothers and sisters in Christ.
The dinner plates are Royal Doulton Royal Gold, salad plates are Royal Doulton Belmont, crystal is Gorham Cherrywood, and flatware is Lunt Eloquence. The tablecloth is a Ralph Lauren that was a thrift find and the napkins came from Tuesday Morning a while back.
Drinks were served from an antique pedestal table that belonged to my mother-in-law. The salads were served on a piece of marble that came from the Daniel building project in
Greenville. One of David's cousins was an engineer for that building and gave his dad the marble. The dessert table was purchased from a local consignment shop and serves as extra dining space when needed. In order to seat more people, we purchases a 4x8 foot board and placed it on top of our dining table.

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