Friday, April 20, 2012

Tale of the Tea Set

     One of the darling little girls who comes to Miss Virginia for music, loves the pink guest room. She has commented numerous times to her mommy that she wants a room like that when she has her own house.  One day, she studied the tea set on the bed and noticed that it was displayed on a tray with silverware and a cloth napkin.  When she got home, she spread a silk blanket on her bed, put her tray and plastic tea set on it.  She asked her mommy to fold a napkin for her. Then when she got up the next morning, she put the tea set display back on her bed before going down to breakfast.
     Her mother sent me an e-mail describing what she had done.  That was almost three years ago and it was such a sweet story and memory.  Needless to say, that e-mail remains in my inbox.

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