Thursday, April 26, 2012


Duncan is an amazing young man and I am so privileged to be his teacher. He first came to my studio as a transfer in the Kindermusik Young Child program and completed his final year. Toward the end of that year, his mother inquired about piano lessons for him. That may not seem unusual, but for Duncan it was. Duncan was born with one hand.

After inquiring about methods and materials for this situation and finding none for a beginner, I decided that if Duncan wanted to play the piano, then he would. We have used the traditional books and adapted them for Duncan. He is completing his third year of piano and has done so well. Duncan is very musical and creates his own ideas of adapting the songs to his situation. For the recital this year, he is playing literature written for the left hand only and is so excited that he has progressed to this point.

Duncan's family is from Canada. Here's hoping that they will be in Anderson for a long time as I can't wait to see Duncan's continued progress with his piano.

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